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Red-bull-06 Red-bull Animal painting by Thierry Bisch pets wildlife art painter canvas art decoration

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Mixed medias on canvas
170X150 cm - 2007
This artwork can be printed on canvas in limited edition. Click here

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Thierry Bisch is an artist painter and widlife artist born in 1953. His widlife art on canvas, like portraits of horses, bears, dogs, elephants, Red-bull, wild animals and pets, but also his erotic drawings can be found here.
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Biogaphy (extracts from Wikipedia)
Bisch comes from a family with industrial interests in France. The work of his great-grand father, the painter Louis Janmot (1814–1892), had a profound influence upon him. He traveled through Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East just after graduation, then return to Strasbourg in 1974 to study at art school. In 1978 he moved to Toulouse where he took classes at the Fine Art department of the University, beginning an enduring passion for life drawing. In 1984 Thierry moved to Paris, the center of France’s art community. While continuing to work on his drawings over the following years, he took advantage of many work opportunities in the art world. He co-founded the independent rock label 'Reflexes' and helped create and develop the well-known French magazine, called 'Zoulou', for art designers. In 1986, he wrote and produced a 52 minutes movie on French fashion designer Thierry Mugler, broadcast on the television channel Canal+. The year following, he became Thierry Mugler's personal assistant for fashion photography, music, and special projects. Their work took them on many foreign travels, in U.S.S.R., Africa, U.S.A., China and many other countries. Ever since his studies at Toulouse University, he has continued to practise sketching and painting. He has had a permanent artist residency at the Hotel Lutetia, Paris since 2000. Since 2004, his animal portraits have achieved international notoriety. In January 2007, he was named a Chevalier of the French order of Arts et Lettres.
Red bulls 8  Animal painting by Thierry Bisch pets wildlife art painter canvas art decoration
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