Thierry Bisch Fondation Prince Albert 2 Monaco
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For a long time Thierry Bisch worked on his large paintings using mixed techniques, the basis was the use of dry pigments rubbed with foam sponges and hard brushes. A very 'primitive' technique but which gave spectacular results.
With the birth of the 'Delete? ' project, oil paint has replaced pigments.
When he discovered the reality of the sixth extinction, the artist no longer painted simple animals, he began to paint those who are threatened with disappearance. The collapse of biodiversity, wildlife, populations of tigers, lions, giraffes and gorillas is now his only concern. In partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Thierry Bisch is trying to alert us to the damage of consumerism on ecosystems.
His large animal canvases go much further than a simple aesthetic and realistic representation, the 'presence' of the subjects is so strong that we can no longer let go of our eyes, we literally feel the soul of this wilderness penetrate us in the depths of our being.