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FALCO CHERRUG saker-falcon-falco-cherrug-threatened-endangered-extinction-thierry-bisch Thierry Bisch Contemporary painter animals painting art decoration nature biodiversity conservation
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170x160 cm
HD print on canvas

Public price: 1400 € VAT included
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FALCO CHERRUG alt_image_2_en
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OPERA GALLERY MONACO saker-falcon-falco-cherrug-threatened-endangered-extinction Thierry Bisch Contemporary painter animals painting art  nature biodiversity conservation

Contemporary Artists have abandoned Decorative Arts.
« Up until the end of the 1960s, artists considered Decorative Arts to be an essential part of their profession. Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Léger, Miro and many others made drawings and sketches for adorning dishes, draperies, area rugs, ceramics and other everyday objects, which solely served as embellishment to interiors spaces. This popular aspect of creation seems to have vanished entirely from the map. Today sizeable contemporary artists only create for museums, foundations and galleries, greedy for new records in importance and market prices. Would Decorative Arts be considered by the “art world” as demeaning? Would daily life at this point be so unworthy of interest to these gods looking down from their Mount Olympus on the ants pushing shopping carts around the isles of Ikea?
I personally find the subject fascinating, and the industrial technology efficient to a point that the possibilities of applications seem endless. It’s very exiting ! »

Thierry Bisch

Thierry Bisch is an artist painter and widlife artist born in 1953. His widlife art on canvas, like portraits of horses, bears, dogs, elephants, , wild animals and pets, but also his erotic drawings can be found here.
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