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Animal painter Bisch
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....A rhino, a zebra, a bear, a gorilla, a baby donkey on faltering legs, a baby elephant, a dog, a goat, an eagle. They are painted, for the most part, in a dark charcoal monochrome on backgrounds like old soiled linen, discoloured and distressed. We sense the weight, the otherness of these creatures as they look out at us with wary eyes. They are big, stormy presences. You can almost smell the mud or dust of the savannahs between their toes. It is as if, having been invited into a last-shot photographic studio, they stand patiently in a harsh lateral or vertical light, waiting for the moment to be captured before lumbering or loping away into oblivion....
(Extract from A. Mathews :Thierry Bisch Monographie Ed.Navarra 2003)